Business Services

Business Consulting


· Business Plan

· Cash Flow Spreadsheet

· Website Development

· Logo

· Marketing Materials design (Brochure, cards) Additional cost for printing

· Clients Proposal

· Clients/Staff Contract

· Optimize your site for search engines/Google search central

Overcoming Anxiety About Operating A Successful Business

Six weeks Individual Coaching

Anxiety is a negative experience, and it is unhealthy because it leads to unconstructive behaviours, such as:

• Withdrawal

• Avoidance

Rid yourself of limiting beliefs or thought patterns that block you from starting and operating your dream business.

What are the benefits of this program?

· Understanding your mental blocks

· Peace of mind in decision-making

· Dedicated time to focus on YOU!

· Experience unstoppable momentum

· Less Stress

· No more Guilt Cycle

· Gain clarity of your life’s vision

Execute your plan & vision, no matter what it may be, with the right accountability and support to guide you every step of the way.

Business Plan

Create a Business Plan that will help you achieve your goals, and build a successful business.

Our business plan writing services bring best practices to your business. We will conduct detailed market research, prepare a detailed road map of the business development, and complete the financial picture. Finally, we will provide strategic advice that will help you build a highly sellable company.