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C.E.O. Create Every Opportunity

Nakeisha Geddes is the founder of Geddes Concept, Co-founder and Director of Beyond Services – Choice Matters Inc. Canada Canada-based organization. She is also the co-founder of Paradies Properties Management in Jamaica-based and Mystical Vacation Homes Rentals in Dubai-based. She is passionate about paving the path for aspiring business owners through her experiences. She has dedicated her time and experience to organizing empowerment conferences, coaching, and mentoring workshops focused on business start-up strategies.

Nakeisha has worked with individuals with Developmental Disabilities for twenty years and has been a business owner for six years. she is very passionate about her work and the people she supports. A strong advocate for fairness and equality, she often finds herself advocating for people who are not able to adequately represent themselves.

Nakeisha Geddes is also an award-winning author. She was the recipient of the 2018 Woman On Fire Author of the Year award. writing is inspired by her life experiences. Her mission in life is to spread a message which will “activate the best in you.” She hopes to empower her readers with her writing, by motivating them to love themselves and alter their perception of life.

Nakeisha Geddes is a beacon of inspiration, dedicated to activating positive change and empowering others to embrace their full potential. Her unwavering commitment to advocacy, entrepreneurship, and storytelling continues to leave an indelible mark on communities worldwide.

About Geddes Concept

Imagine having the power to craft your own business from scratch.
A business that perfectly reflects your values, strengths, and aspirations. At Geddes Concept, we turn this vision into reality.

As a Business Startup coaching organization, we specialize in guiding new ventures towards sustainable success. Our mission is simple: to empower entrepreneurs like you to stand out in today’s competitive landscape.
We achieve this by equipping you with the essential tools and strategies needed to differentiate your business and excel in your industry.

From crafting a unique value proposition to refining your market positioning, we work hand-in-hand with you to ensure your business stands head and shoulders above the rest. Our approach focuses on building a solid foundation for long-term growth and success, with a
keen emphasis on customer satisfaction and retention.

With Geddes Concept by your side, you’ll not only launch a business—you’ll create a legacy. Let’s embark on this journey together and unlock the full potential of your entrepreneurial dreams.

Our Mission

To empower entrepreneurs with the mindset and confidence essential for building enduring, impactful businesses, driving positive change and leaving a lasting legacy in their industries
and communities

Our Vision

To impact the business industry
with outside-the-box thinkers.