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Award Winning Author • International Speaker • Workshops

“Are you an aspiring entrepreneur looking to build a sustainable business?” Let me help you structure and build a strong business that lasts.


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Learn how to view your obstacles as a pathway to your future.

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Nakeisha Geddes is an amazing business coach. I started my business and needed to get my business plan done so that I had my business mapped out and after speaking with Nakeisha, I entrusted her with my plan and was not disappointed.

The blueprint for my business was now completed and I was able to complete my website, and start getting my clients in.

I now feel better prepared to grow my business. Thank you Nakeisha.

Debra M. Wright

Forgiveness Life Coach

Nakeisha has been the fire I needed to push me to structure my business. This was a year of complete transformation for me. I was at a place of contentment and was ready to step outside of my comfort zone.

Dr. Jenine Lower, PhD, LPC.


I just wanted to jump on and say what an amazing gift this course was for me. It opened me up to look further within myself for the things I want for my life and my business and I for sure felt the shift. I am very much grateful for the teaching that Nakeisha Geddes provided me with, so with that I’m very thankful. I hope everyone take advantage of the immense amount of knowledge before the course closes.

Jamelia Gregory

Nakeisha taught me how to unleash my potential by looking at the bigger picture and not act on my fear.

Kim Parsons

Nakeisha has encouraged me to stand on my own two feet. She encourages me to flip the switch from negative to positive and to be consciously aware of it. This has changed the way I look at myself and the outlook of my life. I started living my life on my own terms when I became aware of my self-talk. Thanks, Nakeisha!

Dawn Grace Laroza

Nakeisha Geddes is a great business strategist. She helped me start my business from off of the ground with her knowledge and skills. She assisted me with my business plan and she guided me every step of the way to make sure I did everything accordingly. I am so grateful to God for her.

Andrea John

Founder & CEO of Virtual Administrative Assistants CO.

Nakeisha Geddes is a hidden gem and a wealth of business knowledge and insights all wrapped up into one. As a new solo-entrepreneur, I was feeling very lost and overwhelmed with all the steps required to start up a successful business. At some point, I even thought it might be easier just to go back to my corporate life until I had a conversation with Nakeisha that changed the entire trajectory of my business mindset. Nakeisha was able to pinpoint my pain points to take me from overwhelm and confusion to confidence and clarity. If you are looking for a one-stop-shop to take your business to the next level, I highly recommend booking a call with her.

Kadine Cooper

Career Transition Coach