Business Startup Master Class


Six weeks Live Online Group Program

This live online program will be interactive and action-driven to help participants strategize and plan for a successful business launch. During this six-week live online session, participants will learn the steps to launching their business and how Geddes Concept can further their business journey.

Week One: Business Foundation

Get super clear on what you’re building so you can launch a strong business.

• Where are you taking your business?
• How are you taking it there?
• Why are you taking it there?

Week Two: Business Plan

• Write your business plan with our simple business plan template

Week Three: Cash Flow Management Strategies

• How to create a sales forecast

• How to create a cash flow forecast

• How to improve your cash flow

Week Four: Business Operations

• How to develop systems to
manage your business

• How to put processes in place
to protect you and your staff

Week Five: Marketing

• Determines what product or service to sell, how to market to your target demographics and the methods of reaching them.

Week Six: Accountability is the key to productivity

• How to keep the momentums
for years to come